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 Toy Cleaning

Use a mild soap and water to thoroughly clean your toys. Be sure you are using a gentle cleanser like Ivory or Dove soap or an anti-bacterial intimate toy cleaner. If it is safe enough to use on baby skin, then it can be used to clean your toys. Always allow your products to dry completely before storing them, as excess water is a host for bacteria. Store toys by themselves and not with other toys.


If your product does have a motor and is not waterproof, you may clean it with a wet cloth and a mild soap. Be sure to clean off all soap. If it does not vibrate (i.e., has no motor) or if it has a re-moveable motor, it can be boiled for several minutes or placed in a dishwasher to clean and disinfect. Beware that boiling or placing certain silicone toys in the dishwasher might discolor them.

Glass & Metal

These surfaces can be easily cleaned and disinfected. You can simply wipe them with rubbing alcohol or wash them with a mild soap and water. These products are especially slippery when wet, so don’t drop them.