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   If you've never had fun with sex toys, or your partner is reluctant to do so, then a Crystal {glass} dildo is a great way to introduce some excitement. Everyone loves the unlimited artistic qualities of crystal {glass} sex toys. Beautiful colors, unique textures and even some that will glow!
   You create the atmosphere and a crystal {glass} dildo will surely spark the fire but be prepared for the joy of endless foreplay. You can also warm them up or chill them. Crystal  {glass} adapts to temperatures quickly making it ideal for experimentation and alternative types of stimulation. To put it simply, glass toys are head and shoulders above the rest!

Amazing Advantages That Only A Glass Dildo Can Give You:
  • High Quality Glass
  • Phylate Free
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Can Be Warmed Or Chilled
  • More Sanitary And Easy To Clean
  • Designer Glass Dildos Are Sexy
  • Completely Smooth, Non-Porous Surface
  • Last Longer Than Traditional Materials
  • Artistic Designs, They Are Truly Beautiful
Now more than ever, women are creatively taking control of their sensuality and sexual satisfaction. We are all created to be unique sexual beings and sexuality was intended to be revered.

It is challenging to have a fulfilling relationship without some level of romance & commitment. Romance is such an important part in any relationship. You have to keep the fire burning and put in a lot of effort to keep things exciting.

  We Offer:

*Romantic Event Planning

*Magical Date Planning

*Exotic Events Planning

*Luxe Exotic Gifts

*Exotic Make-Overs

*Private Boudoir Shopping Sprees

*In-Home Romantic Décor & Dinner Pkgs.

*Sensual Gift Baskets

And Much, Much More...

Crystal {glass} Dildos Can Last Forever When properly cared for a crystal dildo may never have to be replaced. Crystal {glass} doesn't deteriorate over time and it doesn't absorb anything. Other adult toys may loose their novelty over the years but crystal {glass} sex toys can stay beautiful for a lifetime.

Crystal Sex Toys Are The Cleanest A minute is all it takes to ensure a crystal clean Pyrex dildo. Since crystal {glass} sex toys never absorb anything it takes very little time or effort to scrub them clean. It actually takes longer to wash your hands than one of these dildos! Not to mention that they are free of Phylates and other dangerous toxins.

The Fig Leaf Society package selections are extensive. We have something for every couple and options to fit nearly any budget. 

The Fig Leaf Society  prides itself on individually tailoring our packages to each of our clients. We will custom design a package that suits your needs and desires based on the information that will be gathered from your consultation.


Our packages are limited only by your imagination, here are some services that can be included in your package or purchased separately:

Dinner & Reservations

Dinner at the Perfect Restaurant

Personal Chefs

Catered Meals

Pampered Planning

Spa Bookings

Travel & Transportation

Exotic Travel Recommendations

Gift Assistance

Gift Ideas

Gift Buying/Personal Shopping

Flower, Candy Ordering and Delivery

Special Delivery...we can arrange for anything to be delivered to your place of choice


Special Occasion Reminders

 Romantic Weekend at Home

Weekend Play Package

Sexy Romantic Dinners Away or At Home

Romantic Brunch Set Up

Candlelight Beach Dinner or Breakfast for Two

Date Night

Magical Dates

Romantic Fantasy Arrangements

Pampered Queen

Pampered King