One of the things that makes role play such a popular facet of people’s sex lives is that desire to both be somebody else couple with an interesting in being with someone other than partner.
Couples have fun creating all kinds of different scenarios and then acting them out. What really helps people get into character is the addition of costumes and novelty wigs.
They are the perfect compliment to your sexy new attire; this long dark wig will drastically alter your appearance and make you feel like another person.
   If you’re just getting into purchasing sexy wigs, here's a tip: don’t want to get one that’s going to look just like the hair you already have. You also want to get one that’s a quality wig and that isn’t going to shed all over the place; this is decidedly not sexy. Don’t be afraid that the Wig is difficult to maintain either. Regardless of the role you are playing, wigs are a perfect addition to your bedroom life. They are great for all kinds of fantasies, especially domination.

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